Your First Website

If you are looking to get started, but only have a limited budget, consider using one of our pre-built solutions. These are website designs that come in a variety of themes that allow you  to evolve your look while you slowly add your content over time. They are great starting point because they can grow into a more extensive site without needing to start over. All themes include the following essential features:

  • Built for Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. which is absolutely vital today because the majority of users will visit your site from mobile phone, tablets etc. so it can’t just look good from the desktop, it has to be mobile-aware;
  • User customizable controls allows great creative control over the look of the site;
  • Dynamic content creation tools so that you can always be improving the site and engaging with your audience.
  • Search Engine Optimization to interact with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…

If you need to control your costs, then we have a pricing model that surely fits. The key to keeping the costs down is doing some of the work yourself and leaving the technical details to us. Content creation, in terms of technical writing and artwork, is a big part of the cost of a website and we have technical writers, artists and photographers that can take care of this for you but you may already have much of this and only require us to show you how to load in this information. Another way to save is to spread out some of the work over time, for example, launch the site with a core set of features and content and build on these at a later time.

We offer three levels of pricing all available at fixed prices. Prices include domain registration and first year of hosting. Need customization or additional work? Check out our List of Services to find what you are looking for. We also respond to Request for Proposals for larger efforts.

Basic Website

If you just want a professional looking website to provide basic information about you or your business, then this is the place to start. A very classic website: what you offer, hours of operation, contact and location information, contact form. The price is low but the look is awesome. Also very easy to add to and grow as your business grows. A perfect place to start.

We give you the tools to add your own content and customize the look plus you get access to tons of documentation and learning aids.

eCommerce Website

If your business sells products, then you should showcase them! If you are a manufacturer, then it is samples of your best work, if you are a retailer then it’s about the brands you carry. The easiest, simplest, and by far the cheapest, is to use one of our prebuilt themes that will showcase products in the form of an online catalog. Some of these themes even offer a simple shopping cart and payment gateway to enable your customers to purchase your products online. Solutions such as this are best suited for 100’s to thousands of product items.

Thinking of selling products online, but want to automate every aspect of the sales and order fulfillment cycle? We can install and setup a industrial-strength online catalog site with shopping cart and wishlists, search engine friendly URL’s for products, bilingual, live chat integration, over a dozen payment methods, and comprehensive order fullfilment processing, We use open-source products to keep the cost low so you only end up paying for the customization and setup that you need. Products like these can easily handle 10’s of thousands to hundreds of thousands of product items.