WordPress Maintenance and Customization

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System written in the PHP language which runs on an Apache or IIS server and which stores its data in a MySql database. There is a very active community extending the capabilities of WordPress through plugins and themes such that most sites can have a dozen or more of these third-party add-ons. This complexity becomes an issue when WordPress releases a new version as each add-on must be tested to be compatible before upgrading or it will break the site.

We have extensive experience in building and customizing themes and plug-ins including the more complex plugins needed for eCommerce such as online catalogs and payment gateways. Also, our on-hands experience with hundreds of these add-ons enables us to suggest improvements to existing sites that are very easy to implement. We are currently very active building interfaces with the popular social media sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest. These are very important towards increasing a sites popularity, site traffic and improving the sites relevancy on search engines. The most exciting recent development is replacing WordPress’s comments engine with Facebook, or Google+ comments as spam bots have always plagued WordPress comments.

We also use commercial tools to simplify the management of multiple sites, that brings back all the vital information from each site into an easy-to-use dashboard panel and makes it easy to monitor the sites health for problems and control the backups, configuration changes and upgrades.