Website Customization Services

Content Creation

Good content is what sells the site. The design is somewhat important in that it can not be a bad design of course, but it is the content that makes or breaks the deal with visitors. The last thing you want is lots of filler words that never get to the point. It has to be pithy, focussed and eye catching. We have creative talent that can work with you to come up with great content. We meet with you, ask lots of questions, drill into the main points about your business and come up with ways to deliver these messages on your site. Because this is a creative process, we can not offer it a fixed price but can package it into time-boxed slices of work.

Photo Shoot

Photography is your secret weapon because good photography is seductive and motivates people to explore further – it draws you in. Good photography can give potential customers a virtual tour of the store before they visit. That alone, if done well, can prompt them to plan a visit to the store. Your photoshoot could be an in-store panorama, a set of shots of product display cases, or individual product photography like we did for the Lamichy site (ask for quote), an office walk-through or just a few key shots for your website.

Site Customization

The point in offering a few fixed-price styles of websites was to keep the costs down. One of the strengths of using the open-source products that we base all of our sites on, is that they come with easy-to-change style choices. For example, you can change the “skin” of your website with a simple click in the settings panel. We have also included a number of plugins that makes it very easy to make changes.

However not everyone has the time to carry out this detail work and our experts already have the skills. So why not take advantage of this? A number of our clients keep us on small retainer contracts (~ 5hrs/month) so they can quickly call on us to do something. Work that requires more than three hours is usually prefaced with an outline of approach and an estimate of effort, before proceeding.

Site Management and Monitoring

An active site needs regular maintenance and monitoring.