Embrace Social Media

Social media is the latest marketing strategy that is dominating the internet these days. Done right, it gets real results that exceed traditional advertising outlets. Going “viral” can even achieve incredible results. Once you have made the decision to adopt social media as your own marketing strategy, you are going to want to know how to do it properly and you are going to need some tools to make it easy and painless.

The simple answer is to register your business in as many media outlets as possible such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and so on, and then post regularly to these outlets and interact with any users that follow you. The key to success is getting these users to promote you to their own followers, by a process called “re-sharing” and those followers re-share with their followers and so on.

Expand your Followers with Facebook

Ok, let’s break it down into steps to make it clearer. Business can now have their own Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/business) so go ahead and register one for yourself and make some introductory statements for any new users that visit. The next step is to get some people to follow you on Facebook. You can purchase advertising from Facebook but you can also add a “Follow us on Facebook” button back on your own website called a Badge.  Badge’s are an easy way from users visiting your website to also follow you on their favourite social media site, as they just have to click the button and they are now following you. We have simplfied this by providing Badge’s for all the popular sites that link back to your site. Another kind of button that is similar to a Badge is a “Share” button. This appears on each and every post on your site and makes it easy for the user to re-share your post to their followers.

Using Pinterest Business Pages

Pinterest has written up some useful instructions for businesses to leverage Pinterest is to Tell your story, Build a Community, and Send Traffic Your Way which is good advice and worth the read. We help you by setting up your account and loading up the Follow Us, and Pin It share buttons so that they work properly on your own web site

Broadcast your news with Twitter

Keep your users informed of what is going on by using Twitter to reach out to them on a regular basis.

Google has a growing community that is integrated with Search