These are just some of the Benefits of our solution and what you need to know about today’s internet.


Responsive design – People connect to the internet and visit your website from a vast variety of devices. Increasingly this is from tablets and mobile phones. No matter what device, the website has to look its best for each and every visitor. Our website engine adjusts the size of the page to suit the device being used. A desktop user, with the browser maximized will see the screen fill out with information, a tablet user, no matter which size tablet, will see the webpage fit their screen, same with a smartphone – the website is scrollable and very readable without the user having to pinch or zoom in order to be able to read small type.

Dynamic content – In the early days of the internet, web sites were designed to be like on-line versions of brochures in an electronic magazine format. Several pages, arranged in topics and a menu to navigate between pages. The problem with this format is that once you had visited a site, there was no reason to ever come back because nothing had changed. Today, to be competitive, your website must be dynamic. This means that every time a visitor comes to your site, there is something new to see that wasn’t their last time. The platform we use allows easy posting of new content and enables visitors to comment and share on things that interest them. This adds to their engagement and helps build a relationship with you.

Social Media & Search Engine optimization – In the early days, all a website had to do to appear in search engine result listings was to include a bunch of relevant keywords in the page header. The search engine would match to those words and your site would appear when any of those search terms were used. The problem was everyone wanted to appear on page one and so many learned how to game the system which just ruined it for the rest. Because of that, SEO is no longer that simple and you can actually be penalized by pushing with the wrong keywords. Today, relevance and importance are what drives a page ranking: Relevance is best achieved by your own content, naming the links properly within your site counts very high; Importance is achieved based on the quantity and quality of links back to your site and this is where social media comes in. Social media is all about sharing links. You want lots of social media activity. Not only will social media help push you to page one on the search engine, but it also helps other people discover you, and that increases foot traffic into your store.