Complete Range of Web Services

Novateric offers a full range of technical services to support your online presence from Concept through to Design & Production. Be sure to keep scrolling and we will expand on these in the sections that follow.


A basic design tenant is that form should always follow function, so first and foremost your site must meet your objectives. We can help you articulate your requirements, explore various technical choices and drive to a website design that matches your corporate style.


We have a large collection of templated, prebuilt solutions with easy to add extendability so that you can strike a personalized design without incurring the costs of custom development. 


Our value to you doesn’t end when your site is launched into production, we will continue to support you by monitoring and managing your site, troubleshooting and providing corrective action to keep downtime to a minimum, tuning for performance especially as your site attracts more visitors, and we will help you keep your site dynamic and ever evolving.

Why Choose Novateric

Novateric is a sensible choice whether you are building your very first website or refreshing an existing one. We have decades of experience with software engineering, extensive knowledge about back-end server performance and security; and offer you a pragmatic and practical approach to positioning your site on-trend and keeping your site one step ahead of your competition.

Templated Solutions that save you money

Rapidly evolving frameworks such as WordPress, WooCommerce, & Magento all deliver a rich set of functionality right out of the box. Prebuilt, open source and free means you are not paying for development, you are buying content, design and support and delivering best value for money.

Easy personalization and customization

All of these products have an extremely active developer community building add-on themes, plugins, widgets.  This ensures that you have lots to choose from while continuously moving forward. Recent innovations such as Drag and Drop Page Builder makes is so easy to create a personalized experience without the need for developers.

On-trend design features

As 2014 draws to a close, a number of design aspects have emerged that will dominate website design during the coming year. Full width sliders with full page-width images and video; flat design; less text and more images; long scrolling landing pages instead of off-page links to other pages; and the latest trend, personalized UX.

Continuous integration

The social media revolution is all about engaging your customers and going where they are. Twitter, Facebook, Google and all the other social sites have constantly changing ways to integrate your website with theirs. The complexity and effort required to keep up with this constant change can be mitigated through the use of free or inexpensive social media management tools which we can provide and help you train your staff. We also offer ongoing site monitoring, visitor traffic analytics, SEO, Security, hosting, and Social media interaction, & newsletters.

We keep you On Trend

Mobile First & the Emergence of mCommerce

The majority of your site’s traffic is from handheld phones and tablets. Make it a compelling experience for the mobile visitor which means making some rather dramatic changes on how you approach your design. 


Single Page scrolling with micro interactions

Break your story into bite-size sections rich on images and scant on text – no one has time for long reads anymore, especially when mobile. Let your story unfold and avoid embedded links away to different pages – you are not building an encyclopaedia here.

Builder tools

New to building websites is the emergence of Builder Tools. These allow you to use drag and drop techniques to create your web pages, making it very easy to throw together a new one. No longer do you need to get the web developer to create new pages, now anyone can do it.


Card Style / Tiles

The Card Style is one of the fastest trends for mobile devices and all the major players have adopted it for good reason – it is perfect for quick messages. The card or tile style that has been popularized by Pinterest, Microsoft Windows 8 and Google Now is continuing to affect the styling of websites. We offer themes that support this format and Javascript libraries such as Masonry that allows for continuos scrolling and rearrangement of cards of different sizes.

Personalized UX is a new & emerging trend.

Returning visitors can be given a personalized experience just by keeping track of what they did during their last visit and delivering something fresh to them each time. All part of making a compelling experience.


Typography and flat style

We have you covered when it comes to using the latest and greatest design trends. Rich emotive typography can set the right tone, the flat style that started last year is evolving with simple iconography and ghost buttons.


Social Media interaction

Social media offers you a tremendous opportunity of interacting with customers that we never had before. You need to integrate your site with the various social media sites and engage them and bring them back to your property to close a sale.